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Climbing Facts

State Alabama
Highest Peak Cheaha Mountain
Elevation 2.407 feet (734 metres)
First climbed ?  
Vertical Gain Carpark <3 feet (<1m)
Total Distance (Oneway) Carpark <3 feet (<1m)
Estimated hiking time <1 minute return
Difficulty Easy
Required Maps Alabama roadmap
Date climbed August 2010


Alabama - Cheaha Mountain

| About Cheaha Mountain|

Cheaha Mountain is pretty easy to get to, considering you can drive right to the summit. About halfway along the Number 20 Highway, between Birmingham (AL) and Atlanta (GA) the 281 heads south (the Skyway Motorway).

Follow this road approximately 16 miles (25km), taking the signs toward "Cheaha State Park". It's pretty easy really. Unfortunately there aren't really any towns nearby to set as a GPS location, however I was able to find Cheaha State Park which got me pretty close.

There is a $2 per person entry fee to enter the park (not sure what this money goes toward other than paying the person collecting the fee). There is also a Motel (including a restaurant) and Camping Ground in the Park.

The park is open from 7am to sundown.

Local Creek Indians named this place Chaha, meaning high place.

| Cheaha Mountain Trail |

Despite it's low elevation, Cheaha Mountain is actually surprisingly hilly, with the road to the summit, one long slow rising hill. Of course, as I cruised up the mountain in my rental car, I hardly noticed the rise. I did however notice the humidity, which even toward the end of summer was stifling.

I'd driven West from Atlanta early that morning, with my flight back to Chicago scheduled for the afternoon. Fortunately, the road was clear on a Saturday morning and the drive took me just under 90 minutes (it's a little closer from Birmingham).

I couldn't help but feel a little excited as I drove toward my destination. Not so much because I was about to summit my 7th summit, but because I'd be driving through Talladaga Forest. All I could think of was "Shake and Bake" and the Ricky Bobby. Unfortunately, I didn't pass any NASCAR's on my drive.

Nevertheless, Cheaha Mountain is still pretty cool. There is a $2 entrace fee to get into the actual State Park. There isn't much in the park, other than the summit, an old looking (and locked) look-out tower and a whole bunch of telecommunications towers buzzing away on the summit. There is however a nice little Motel, a pool and a restaurant. I didn't actually get out of the car to check any, so I can only assume they are nice :)

I arrived at 10am and was the lone person on the summit. The summit building, although it looks nice, doesn't look like it's been open to the public for a long while. I peered through the windows but not much action inside. I wandered around the outside of the building and ended up back at the front of the building.

There is a small bronze survey marker right in front of the stone building and that's about it.

It's interesting to note that the wooden marker at the summit lists the height at 2407 feet, as does the official Alabama State Park website. However the National Geographic Survey lists the height at 2413 feet. Anyway, I've decided to list the height at 2407 as that's the height listed at the summit.

| The Weather |

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