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Climbing Facts

State Indiana
Highest Peak Hoosier Hill
Elevation 1,257 feet (383 metres)
First climbed ?  
Vertical Gain Roadside <30 feet (<10m)
Total Distance (Oneway) Roadside <10 feet (<3m)
Estimated hiking time <1 minute
Difficulty Easy
Required Maps Indiana roadmap
Date climbed September 2010


Indiana - Hoosier Hill

| About Hoosier Hill |

Just under two hours from Ohio's Campbell Hill, climbing Hoosier Hill makes a good double-whammy climb.

Finding Hoosier Hill is pretty straight forward, although the summit pathway isn't clear from the road.

Head toward either Fountain City or Franklin Township on the GPS. Get onto the 227 (S 800 E) running North-South. Depending which direction you are going, take Bethel Road either left or right. Bethel Road is sign-posted and there are a couple of houses grouped around the intersection.

Take the first road right (heading North) onto Elliot Road. As you drive north there is a small wood away from the road (on the right) and then another wood right by the road (this is the highpoint). About one mile up the road, there is a small gravel driveway/path off to the road on the left. There is an old metal sign-post here (presumably once marking the highpoint). There is also a large white farm-house on the right across the road.

We drove our car up this gravel drive-way and literally parked a few feet away from the highpoint.

| Hoosier Hill Trail |

Corn fields.

Is there anything in Indiana other than corn fields? Hossier Hill?

Little more than a slight hump in the surrounding terrain, climbing Indiana's highest point allowed me to explore the real America - corn fields :)

Hidden amongst a grove of trees, Hoosier Hill would unlikely be anything special if it weren't for the fact this slight rise is higher than anything else around.

A bench, a picnic table and a few wooden stakes mark this area as something, but what?.If you weren't to know what this point was, you'd probablywonder what was the significance. If I hadn't known where I was, I would have thought I was some sort of weird Stephen King movie (perhaps Pet Cemetary). A wierd array of park furniture amongst some trees. Unfortunately vandals have torn down what was probably a sign in the clearing, as well as sign by the side of the road (this only adds to the mystic).

This made finding the turn-off a little difficult, as there is nothing to tell you have found your destination.

Okay, so I'm rambling. Trying to make an uneventful climb, seem somehow exciting. Hoosier Hill offers corn fields, corn fields and more corn fields (and being highest point in Indiana).

Visit, take a photo, move on :)

| The Weather |

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Avg. Low 15° 18° 28° 38° 48° 57° 61° 58° 52° 40° 32° 22°
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(weather measured at Richmond, IN ~15 miles away)

| Watch the Climb on YouTube |

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