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Climbing Facts

State Michigan
Highest Peak Mount Arvon
Elevation 1,979 feet (603 metres)
First climbed ?  
Vertical Gain Road barrier 167 feet (51m)
Total Distance (One-way) Road barrier ~2,100 feet (640m)
Estimated hiking time 15-20 minute round-trip
Difficulty Easy
Required Maps Michigan Upper Peninsula Roadmap
Nearest town Skanee ~12miles (L'Anse ~26miles)
GPS Co-Ordinates 46° 45' 21" N 88° 9' 19" W
Date climbed October 2010


Michigan - Mount Arvon

| About Mount Arvon|

Finding your way to Mount Arvon is reasonably easy, although having local map of the roads is useful. Our GPS got us to L'Anse (the nearest town) and onto Skanee (the nearest anything).

When heading into L'Anse (toward the lake) take the E Broad St turn-off (you'll pass under a welcome sign). There is a Subway on the right. Drive right the way through L'Anse until you hit N Main Street. Here turn right (passing a supermarket on the right).

Main Street becomes Skanee Road which you follow all the way to Skanee (16 miles) away. Take a right onto Roland Lake Road (there is a church at this intersection a few houses). You are now on a dirt road, so be wary of mud/slippery conditions.

Follow Roland Lake Road (about 3 miles) to a t-intersection (on a lake). Take this road right onto Ravene River Road. You'll then pass through a large gravel pit (the road continues on the far side).

From here, there are a number of logging tracks which run off the main road, however the route always follows the main road. Blue diamond road-signs (marked with Mt Arvon) are on most intersections and smaller blue diamonds (with an arrow) are also located along the way.

The road gets progressively worse and I'd wondered on at least one occassion whether I had gone the right way or whether my 2WD rental car should continue. The answer is "yes". Keep driving.

The road eventually ends with concrete barriers across the road. There is a detour just on the left, which you could manage with a SUV or ATV, but this is certainly as far as you can drive with a 2WD.There is a lake on the left. We had driven approximately 8.5 miles since turning off at Roland Lake (ie onto Ravine River Road).

Update from Carol Taylor (November 2011)
In case anyone ever updates these entries, I thought you'd like to know that we just went to Michigan's Mt Arvon this weekend, 10/30/2011, and there are no longer stone barriers across the road near the top. In fact, the road continues farther than the detailed directions we found online, and the officially marked summit, with its blue mailbox and official highpointer's sign-in notebook, is visible from the new parking area.

Note: Google maps incorrectly labels a road on this map. It doesn't make much difference, as its the final section of the road which is incorrect.

| Mount Arvon Trail |

If you made to the road-block then you're ready to climb. To be honest, I was a little unsure finding the start point. The road isn't exactly a freeway heading into the woods, and middle of October on a Sunday morning we were the only people around.

Nevertheless, we eased our rental car along the bumpy road and eventually reached the concrete barrier with a sign indicating that Michigan's highest peak was just another 1/2 mile up the road (it's not actually this far).

The track/road winds slowly up the hillside and is pretty easy to follow. We were about 8 minutes walking to the summit.

It wasn't long before we could spot a couple of blue benches off to our left (I guess these would be hidden during the warmer months when the trees are in foliage). In a small clearing lies Michigan's highest point. Although a few benches, a surveyors mark, a sign-up register provide some semblance of importance, if it wasn't for being the highest point in Michigan, I'm sure Mount Arvon would be rarely visited.

We had brought a packed breakfast and ate our sandwiches while sitting at the table. A short way off there is a look out (or "View") off toward the lake. We strolled down here and took a few photos.

Then with not much else to do, we signed the register, snapped a couple more photos and headed back to the car.

Mount Arvon is reasonably isolated. You could certainly camp up here, although not sure it's the greatest location to camp.

In winter, I'm sure the entire journey would be under several feet of snow, making a winter expedition on a snow-mobile alot of fun.

| The Weather |

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 20° 24° 34° 47° 61° 70° 76° 74° 64° 52° 36° 24°
Avg. Low 14° 27° 38° 47° 54° 51° 44° 34° 24°
Mean 12° 14° 24° 37° 50° 58° 65° 64° 54° 44° 30° 17°
Avg. Precip. 2.3 in 1.7 in 2.8 in 2.6 in 3.0 in 3.5 in 2.9 in 3.4 in 4.1 in 3.6 in 2.9 in 2.6 in

(weather measured at Marquette, MI ~40 miles away)

| Watch the Climb on YouTube |

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