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Climbing Facts

State Ohio
Highest Peak Campbell Hill
Elevation 1,549 feet (472 metres)
First climbed ?  
Vertical Elevation Carpark ~0 feet (0m)
Total Distance (Oneway) Capark <3 feet (<1m)
Estimated hiking time <1 minute
Difficulty Easy
Required Maps Ohio roadmap
Date climbed September 2010


Ohio - Campbell Hill

| About Campbell Hill |

Although Campbell Hill was once part of the North American Air Defence Command, Ohio's highest point now sits entirely within private property (now a technical high school).

Finding Campbell Hill is easy enough:

Head toward Bellefontaine, Ohio. Take the 540 (E Sandusky Ave) Northeast out of town and the entrance to "Ohio Hi-Point Career Center" is not too far on the right. There are a bunch of water towers etc up on a grassy slope, however the gates and the Ohio Hi-Point Career Center are your best guide.

According to the school's website (here), access to the highpoint is Monday to Friday 6.30am to 10pm, Saturday 6.30am to 3.30pm and closed on Sunday. Outside of these hours, you need to call ahead (937-599-3010 ext. 211).

| Campbell Hill Trail |

Another long drive (5.5 hours from Chicago) for 2 minutes of glory, I knocked off Campbell Hill on a weekend double whammy (Hoosier Hill - Indiana is only a couple of hours away).

Finding Campbell Hill was pretty easy. Fortunately, I had company on this trip, so the long drive through miles and miles of corn fields wasn't so bad. The actual summit is inside a high-school, so I was a little wary of just turning up and the gates being closed. Arriving in the early afternoon on a Saturday (about 3pm) we found the gates open and not a person in sight.

The normal summit attempt starts from the carpark below the mountain. Given there was no-one around, we were able to reduce our climbing time by at least 5 minutes by driving right up to the highpoint (infact, I think we parked our car higher than the highpoint).

I woke Tiana who was asleep in the seat beside me. She was clearly overjoyed at having slept her way to the highest point in Ohio.

Campbell Hill isn't the most aesthetically pleasing highpoint, nestled between a metal shed on one-side and a big water tank on the other. Nevertheless, we'd made it. We clicked a few photos. I tried to excite Tiana at what we'd just achieved. "Let's go get ice-cream" was her response. "Can we at least call it victory ice-cream", I replied, before we got back in the car and drove away.

| The Weather |

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 30° 35° 46° 58° 70° 78° 82° 80° 74° 62° 48° 36°
Avg. Low 14° 16° 26° 37° 48° 57° 61° 58° 52° 41° 31° 20°
Mean 24° 26° 37° 48° 60° 68° 72° 70° 64° 52° 41° 28°
Avg. Precip. 2.0 in 1.9 in 3.1 in 3.4 in 4.0 in 3.7 in 3.6 in 3.3 in 2.9 in 2.4 in 3.0 in 3.0 in

(weather measured at Bellefontaine, OH)

| Watch the Climb on YouTube |

On this adventure: Roland & Tiana