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View Climbing Timms Hill, Wisconsin in a larger map
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View Climbing Timms Hill, Wisconsin in a larger map
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Climbing Facts

State Wisconsin
Highest Peak Timm's Hill
Elevation 1,951 feet (595 metres)
First climbed ?  
Vertical Gain Timms Hill carpark ~150 feet (45m)
Total Distance (Oneway) W Charles Mound Ave Gate ~800 feet (250m)
Estimated hiking time 10 minutes return
Difficulty Easy
Required Maps Wisconsin roadmap
Date climbed July 2010


Wisconsin - Timm's Hill

| About Timm's Hill |

Timm's Hill is pretty easy to find. Plug Ogema into the GSP to get to the starting point. From the northern end of town, take the 86 heading East.

3.7 miles (5.9km) along the 86, take the Country Road C on the right. About 100 yards down the road, the road splits in two. Take the left bend (Country Road RR). There is a sign here pointing to Timm's Hill. You'll pass a lake on your right and take the small road on the left, marked Timm's Hill. This road is only open from 7am to dusk during the warmer months.

| Timm's Hill Trail |

Climbing the highest peak in Wisconsin would be the 5th of my State climbs. Timm's Hill would also be the second peak on this July 4th long weekend. I had already climbed Charles Mound in Illinois the night before and had spent the previous night in Prentice (some 10 miles up the road).

Sounds impressive right? However, as I write this brief description, I've realized that of the five peaks climbed so far none have cracked the 1000 metre mark. Yet Timm's Hill adds a challenge that has to be worth bagging some of America's highest peaks. I'll get to that in a moment.

Timm's Hill is pretty easy to find. A road winds up a hill ending in a small carpark and undercover picnic area. It was just on 7.00am and the dirt path to the top was an easy stroll to the summit.

Two towers sit atop the actual summit. The first is a solid wooden structure with great views of the surrounding forest. There isn't alot to see from the tower base, so I was quick to climb up. Sitting right next to this wooden structure is an even higher steel structure (kinda looks like a fire tower from home).

Anyway, this second tower is climbed via an exposed ladder. With a cage of sorts providing some protection, the climb is still pretty exposed. Being the mountain climber I am, I took one look straight up the tower and flaked. I instead took a photo of myself by the surveyors marker directly beneath the steel tower and returned to the car.

I'lll need to stick to the little mountains for the time being :)

| The Weather |

During winter the road leading into Timm's Hill is covered in snow and closed to automobiles. Skiing and snow-shoeing is the only way to go. Otherwise, there is a tar road to the summit carpark.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 20° 26° 38° 54° 67° 75° 81° 77° 67° 56° 38° 24°
Avg. Low -1° 16° 30° 41° 50° 55° 52° 44° 34° 22°
Mean 10° 14° 27° 42° 55° 64° 68° 65° 56° 45° 31° 16°
Avg. Precip. 1.0 in 0.9 in 1.9 in 2.7 in 3.5 in 3.8 in 3.8 in 4.0 in 4.5 in 2.6 in 2.1 in 1.5 in
(weather measured at Tomahawk)

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